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David’s Bridal? Say No to Stupid Associates

We went to Men’s Warehouse and Davids Bridal right beside each other to check out colors. We saw the perfect color at Men’s Warehouse and was told that David’s Bridal would match the bridesmaid dress color with the men’s vest color. So we went over to see the colors and dress styles for the bridesmaids, what a shock we got when we walked in the door.

The lady at the front table greeted us and ask how she could help. We told her we were wanting to look at the colors for the bridesmaid dresses and see the styles for those colors. She was happy to do so at first and asked our colors. We pulled the swatch to show her and she was like we don’t have that color. We explained that we found the color over at Men’s Warehouse and that they said that they could match the color at David’s Bridal for the dresses. And were also told that its smart to pick the groomsmen color first since there are way more colors for the dress than there are colors for the men. Well when we told the woman helping us, she flipped out. She told us that shes never heard of that before about picking the men’s color first and that it was stupid because men are simple. And when we told her the color they had for the men she was like she has never heard of that color nor do they carry it. Then proceeded to tell us that we needed to change our colors. Can you believe that? These are our colors. Shouldn’t her response be “Well lets see what we can do.” ? But NO she told us to change our colors.

We were in shock at first, but she walked us over to another associate and asked about the color. So we were hoping maybe she was just not familiar with their colors (I’m being nice there were other thoughts). Well when we walked up to her the first woman said have you ever heard of picking the men’s color first blah blah blah, and she didn’t know what to say at first but then said no she hadn’t heard of that before, and the proceeded to show us colors that weren’tour colors. The first woman that attempted to help us (if you can call it that) asked when the wedding was. At this time December was still the leading date, so we told her December. Her eyes got big and she got extremely loud (basically yelling) “WHAT?!? DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES TO GET DRESSES??? IT TAKES 12 WEEKS OR MORE!!! YOU DONT HAVE TIME!!” and then she walked away.

Now what the hell was that all about? This woman just yelled at us! We didn’t know what to do, so we just left. We are still in shock over that experience and not pleased with the first time walking into their store. Hopefully another store will be more willing to help us. And afterwards we went onto the David’s Bridals website and guess what it says …you can coordinate with the groomsmen and bridesmaid colors… Stupid, just stupid.