Random facts about our wedding and tips!!

OK, so I realized I didn’t give enough details about the wedding and preparations for that magical day! Here’s a few random facts about the amazing day on August 13 2010, the day I became Mrs. Michael Wright!

1. What’s the info on the dress!?!?! I tried on 2 dresses, I didn’t want to drag this it on and get overwhelmed having to choose from like 10 dresses. My mom took me the first time and looked breathless when I walked out in the first dress. It was such a great mother- daughter moment! I picked the second dress after walking around the store for awhile. My brother, Marcus, came for the final fitting and of course added his 2 cents about where my turquoise sash should be lol. Which he was right, his suggestion looked better, having the color around the waist instead of around the bust. My dress was from David’s Bridal. Click here to see the link

Tip #1. Do your homework about your dress, for your body type. A lot of shows like Say Yes To The Dress are interesting to watch but make sure when shopping for your dress it’s based on your likes and body type. Also, I wouldn’t recommend David’s Bridal as a number one choice store, I had a lot of issues with them. I’d choose a local bridal boutique first. But watch the prices, they may be more. Also, don’t buy unnecessary items. I will get into that later.

2. Your jewelry was gorgeous, where did you get it? Oh, I’m so excited to share my jewelry info. I got it here in Raleigh at Silverland Jewelry. They custom made my necklace & earrings and yes it was drop dead gorgeous! Also, I was dazzling in a beautiful bracelet from Silverland Jewelry. Emma and Raekel wore SLJ jewelry as well. I will make a separate blog, more in detail about our pieces.

3. How Mike and I met? In a beautiful moment in life that we both needed.

4.Why did we have a beach wedding? Mike always had this dream to get married on the beach. I wanted him to have that especially after such a romantic & surprising proposal. I guess I was wondering about the heat for a beach wedding, ruining my makeup etc. We were married at Visions Events & Beyond. Renee (she was our ordained minister) was such an amazing person, she explained everything in depth to us and our family. She was comforting, funny and a huge ball of kindness. Thank you to her, her husband and Amanda for keeping everyone on the right track.

Tip #2. Even if you don’t sweat a lot, on your wedding day your emotions are going crazy. So, less is more when it comes to makeup. A light concealer and foundation. I used Rimmel Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer, Milani Secret Cover Concealer Cream under my eyes only and Bare Minerals foundation. For eyeshadow, I brush on some bronze eyeshadow from a Elizabeth Arden sample my mom gave me. I used Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in color Zero, its water proof. I chose L’Oreal VOLUMINOUS Volume Building Waterproof Mascara, yes I said WATERPROOF as well! I did a soft lip gloss, from Victoria Secrets. Oh, I also used very little Revlon Color Stay Foundation because it is a great full coverage! Here’s the link: http://www.walgreens.com/search/results.jsp?Ntt=revlon+colorstay+foundation&x=0&y=0

5.Who was in the wedding? Standing next to Mike as his best man was Alfred Porter, who was such a blessing to have. I don’t think we could thank him enough, he was so helpful and calming. Mike’s groomsmen was his brother Andrew, it was cool from Mike to have his brother in his wedding, he as well was super helpful. Our ring bearer was my little cousin, Raymond, who took his job very seriously. He proudly wore his blazer and ring bearer badge. He did such a great job! My all-in-one Maid of honor/Bridesmaid/Calm downer and best friend was Raekel Comacho. I’ve known Raekel for so many years, since high school, which was so many years ago, lol. I knew she would keep me calm, let me have my freak outs then put me back on track, she rocked! And last but not least was Miss Emma, now I can say me and Mike’s niece, was our beautiful and determined flower girl. I must say in Emma’s defense, sand is tough to walk in, especially when you have people waiting on you, lol. But she kept walking. She made Mike and I so proud!

Tip #3. Get everyone involved with your big day. But make sure they want to be involved. We had a few bumps along the way, stress factors but we always knew we had certain special people behind, beside and in front guiding us to a beautiful destination. Mike’s parents, Laura and Philip, helped with the linen, napkin rings, favors, centerpieces and beach buckets for all guests staying at hotels. Also, Laura blew everyone away with here amazing cake skills. Please do look at out gallery and see the pictures. Sorry, for you though by looking at the picture you don’t get the benefits of the taste but believe me, it was scrumptious!!! It was exactly what we imagined and were so very pleased with it. Also, she made Emma’s dress, Ray’s tie and my slip. Back to what I said earlier, don’t spend money on things you don’t need or can get elsewhere. In my case, Laura making all these things saved us close to 200 bucks! Also, Mike’s aunt Melinda, made beautiful wedding favors, I can’t believe I married into such a creative family, I love it!!!

Tip#4. Photography can be soooooo pricey!!! Mike’s uncle Jerry offered to be our photographer, which was so awesome because not only did he get pics of the wedding he captured other moments. He was in the hotel lobby, the day of when I came down to get breakfast, while I was getting ready and some other random moments. We are so thankful! But we also had a few photographer assistants, thank you to: Uncle Herb, Teddy, Corey, Antonio, Angelo, Marcus, Mom, Lauren, Melinda and Mignon. Please look at the photo gallery and see all of the fantastic memories captured.

6.Where did you get your hair done? Lol, I did my hair myself. Yes, I sat for like a day in the guest room and put extensions in. Okay, let me break it down. A few years back, I started doing my own hair because it saved so much more money. Going to the salon could cost: $200 compared to doing it myself $80 or less. So, yes it was my wedding day but I was happier knowing I saved more money allowing it to go elsewhere.

7. Are you going to renew your vows next year? We would love to because I still want to have a first dance. I know more family and friends will be able to attend. We are not ruling it out now!

8. Were you afraid to get married on Friday the 13th? Ahhhhh, scary…actually no, lol. The 13th is our day and we were sticking to it. Also, August 13th is my grandma’s birthday and that made it more special. She wasn’t able to travel from NY to us but she was there in spirit.

9.Did you have any Bridezilla moments? Yes, I called David’s Bridal in New York because Raekel wasn’t getting the best customer service she deserved. After the phone called, they sent a few employees over to assist her.  Groomzilla moments? apparently, there were some but I didn’t see them lol. Mike always seemed calm to me, maybe a little stressed but he played it cool around me.

10.Where did you have your reception? At a restaurant in Morehead City called Floyds 1921 They have such a lovely staff and Chef Floyd’s food is so yummy. I was too excited to eat the night of the wedding but I had the food the next day and yes, sooooo good!

11. Where was the honeymoon? My mom booked us at the Windjammer Inn, it was Awesome. There was a jacuzzi in the room!!! A beachfront view….oh it was so beautiful and relaxing!!!

12. Did you write your own vows? Yes we did. Our wedding was all about initmacy and feelings straight from the heart. Mike wrote his ahead of time. I tossed my first version and had my final draft done by the night before the big day!! It was so much more heart felt than the first. Raekel read the first one and said ” You can open up so more, don’t worry about everyone else, say how you feel.”

So, I think this is long enough lol. But it was such a magical day, I often close my eyes and relive it. I think a wedding day should be beautiful and intimate, I don’t really get shows like My Fair Wedding because they make weddings seem like a Lady Gaga show. You don’t need all the bells and whistles. I had the wedding I never knew I would have….it was so precious and we thank everyone who was in attendance, helped and sent us blessings.

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