5 days until…The Wedding!!!

The countdown is NOW officially on!!! Everything is set and ready to go. My sweets had his bachelor party today. Thanks to Alfred (best best man), Marcus (my brother) and Josh (friend) for showing Mike a great time! My best friend Raekel is flying in from NYC on Wednesday. We’re going to have cupcakes, great food, a few drinks and dancing! I’m super excited! The fun has just begun!!! Hugs to all!!!!

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th 5th of July. Janine and I went to the fairgrounds to see the fireworks. Before the colorful sky show we got to walk around and see all the vendors. Man was food expensive. There was lots of festivities but we didnt join in. Finally we got to sit down, enjoy our food, relax and just enjoy having good conversation and people watching. Hopefully everyone else had a fun and safe 4th of July.

Everything Is Set & Moving Along

All locations are set. We have the location for the ceremony and the reception set.

Just to recap, we are having our ceremony right on the sandy shores of Atlantic Beach at Visions Events and Beyond.

Now we have found the restaurant for where we are having the ceremony. Its Floyd’s 1921 just across the bridge in Morehead City.

For maps and directions please visit our website to get this information. http://mikeandjaninewedding.com/directions.html

Back To The Beach – Get Our Grub On

We are heading back to the beach to try to figure out restaurants. We had a couple of places in mind but one place is out because of where the private room is. It’s up two flights of stairs…so onto the other place. It also had a private room with a separate entrance, and it seemed like it was going to be just right. At the time we looked at the restaurant, we were unable to talk to the owner or a manger that could of assisted us with setting up the event. So we grabbed the event packet and left our information for an owner or manager to contact us to get more information. After a few days, nothing, nada, zip. So after trying to contact them with no luck either. I had my best man try to get in touch with them.

Luckily he was able to and got some more info. After transferring that info to my parents they were gonna set it up. Well it just so happens, they don’t book events on Friday or Saturday, and that they say they do 5,000 a night on those nights. These supposed facts are very odd considering two things. One – in their event packet we were given it said they host events any day of the week…Two – when we went in to their establishment on a Friday during dinner hours there wasn’t a soul in the place other than the hostess and some cooks. My parents were also told that the packet we were given was put together before they had the private room…OK STOP WAIT….I looked through that packet and there were pictures of the private room in there…so that was a flat out lie. Then the suggestions that were given were just bad…one of the suggestions was that we could reserve the outside upstairs deck…yeah that wont happen. The next suggestion which was the one that just makes me scratch my head and ask what the hell was he thinking….he said that we could have our dinner BEFORE the wedding…just what in anyone’s smart head would think that would be a good idea for a wedding? So that suggestion was out.

The only other idea that was given is that we could pay the $5,000 to book that private room AND pay for the food. That is insane and out of the question.

So now we have a couple more restaurants in line that we are going to check out and try their food. We know which place we like and they were very nice and professional. Wish us luck.


Ok just to let everyone know, because I know lots of you have been asking when are we gonna do this, when are we gonna post that, is that done yet, OUR REGISTRY is up and ready for everyone to view. We have posted it to our web site and you can go to targets website to view it as well.

There have been a few issues about certain things only viewable at the kiosk at the store which is very strange but we are gonna try to figure that out and so everyone can see everything online. But you can always just go to the store.

View the registry on our site

View the registry on targets site

Everyone Get Ready For Next Year!!!!

So, many of you know that we booked our location at the beach for August 13th 2010, this is going to be a very small & intimate wedding with basically family only.

I know many of you are sad,  BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!!! For our one year anniversary on Saturday August 13th 2011, we will be renewing our vows & will be celebrating with friends along with our family. We will be whipping out the dance floor and rockin’ out with a DJ. So be prepared to jump in the soul train line. We haven’t finalized the location yet since we are still preparing for our wedding but we know its gonna be awesome.