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Random facts about our wedding and tips!!

OK, so I realized I didn’t give enough details about the wedding and preparations for that magical day! Here’s a few random facts about the amazing day on August 13 2010, the day I became Mrs. Michael Wright!

1. What’s the info on the dress!?!?! I tried on 2 dresses, I didn’t want to drag this it on and get overwhelmed having to choose from like 10 dresses. My mom took me the first time and looked breathless when I walked out in the first dress. It was such a great mother- daughter moment! I picked the second dress after walking around the store for awhile. My brother, Marcus, came for the final fitting and of course added his 2 cents about where my turquoise sash should be lol. Which he was right, his suggestion looked better, having the color around the waist instead of around the bust. My dress was from David’s Bridal. Click here to see the link

Tip #1. Do your homework about your dress Continue reading Random facts about our wedding and tips!!

wedding/prom tux confusion!?!?!

This is a funny story I forgot to post so just doing that now.

A few weeks ago my mom came up from Atl to help with wedding stuff…Well one of the places we went to was Men’s Warehouse to show her colors and outfits. So we were there for a few mins and then a lady who worked there walked up to us and said “Looking to rent a tux?” and we were like yes but im just showing her colors and outfits. And she said “Getting ready for prom huh?” Both my mom just stopped in our tracks and i was like ummm no…Im kinda past prom like 11 years past. (god that makes me feel old) and said this is for a tux for my wedding. She was like oh….well congrats and walked away, im guessing embarrassed.

Im guessing with all my tattoos all over my arms and my beard i look like every other 17 year old high school student. Im not sure if i take that as a compliment or not lol. Oh well, just another day in the adventure of the planning of our wedding.

Our Wedding Colors

We have picked our colors. This was actually something we’ve had for a while. If you read the Davids Bridal post you know we are not about to change it. We have picked turquoise and white. Even though every where we go different places call the color different. Like Men’s Warehouse calls it “Malibu” and Jos A Bank call it “Marine Blue” but Men’s Warehouse Marine Blue is a purple.