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Wedding Photos Reminder

First off, we would like to thank everyone that came to the wedding and took photos. But just as a reminder, if you wouldnt mind sending us the photos and/or video you took on the cds provided. We would like to go through them soon so we can post them for everyone to see.

If you have posted any anywhere if you wouldnt mind taking them down until we get to review them all.

Once again thanks to all who did take photos and we cant wait to see them. If you need another cd just let us know and we will send you another cd for photos.

Thanks Mike and Janine

Ladies and Gentleman, for the first time…Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wright!

It was a beautiful and magical day. We would like to thank everyone that attended and sent their love. We are on our honeymoon now and when we get back we have tons of pictures and some video to go through. We will post these along with our vows and the best man and maid of honor speeches on the website. We will also be giving details of the days events so those who couldn’t join us can follow through our special day. We are going back to the beach. Talk to everyone soon.

the RING!!

Some of you might not got to see what the presentation of the ring was that Janine pulled out of the touch tank. So here it is (click on the photo to make it bigger). I had spoke with the people at the aquarium for weeks getting everything planned. And they had a shell I could use and keep, so I had them ship it too me and then I modified the shell to open and close and stay closed so when Janine pulled it out of the water it just didnt open right away. And if you missed the video of the asking. here it is…

I have since modified the shell so it will be used as our cake topper. Those pictures shall be posted after the wedding…duh